Luis Carle Bio, 2013


New York based artist-photographer Luis Carle, was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and, moved to New York City in 1984. Carle first studied photography at Parsons School of Design and worked as artist and photographer’s assistant to various well-known photographers. This was a particularly exciting moment in New York in which Carle found many outlets for his creativity. He sadly reflects on the loss of many bright individuals and colleagues due to the AIDS epidemic that marked the era.


In 1992 the artist invited a group of highly gifted Puerto Rican artists and friends to form O.P. Art, Inc. (Organization of Puerto Rican Artists, Inc.) The not-for-profit, run by artists collective, supports the work and vision of emerging artists; its mission is to promote their talents by providing guidance and direction on a local and international level through gallery and museum exhibitions. As such, O.P. Art has since 1993, organized numerous exhibitions to showcase the diversity and creativity of the group.

O.P.Art efforts have been recognized as an important source of Latin art by the following Art institutions: In July 2006 accepted by NYFA's Fiscal Sponsorship program, April 2006 The Museum of Modern Art Library included O.P.Art history and materials in their Archives of Latino and Latin American Art. In 1999 the New York Regional Center of the Smithsonian Institute’s also included O.P.Art in the Archives of American Art.


The artists have also been showcased in galleries and institutions such as El Museo del Barrio, Museum of Modern Art and Taller Boricua, all in New York City; have enjoyed critical review in publications such as The New York Times, Daily News and other art magazines; and, have been covered extensively in television and radio programs.